1 to July the province’s CP level remained stable operation

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this year, the province’s overall price level is relatively stable operation. 1 – July, the province’s CPI rose by more than 1.9%, lower than the national average of 0.2 percentage points, or lower than the same period last year dropped by 1 percentage points, is the lowest level in recent years, the increase.

Since the beginning of

, the province to further implement the responsibility of price control objectives, the monthly consumer price index for the province’s ranking around the notification, and do a good job of price information release. At the same time, strengthen the analysis of market price monitoring, pay close attention to grain, meat and eggs, vegetables and other necessities of life for residents price dynamics, prices of major agricultural and sideline products adhere to the weekly bulletin, the monthly market price trend analysis. In addition, to further increase the intensity of commodity delivery and storage efforts, relying on parity stores, parity vegetables direct sales vehicles to stabilize market prices, to ensure adequate supply of the market.

at the same time, vigorously strengthen market inspections. The province at all levels of the price supervision and inspection, industry and commerce, public security and other departments actively seized Lianzha, play price duty supervisor role, to further strengthen the daily supervision of the main business place of the wholesale market, farmers market, focus on trading price fraud, price collusion, hoarding and profiteering, illegal acts of abusing the dominant market status of price gouging, specification the market price order. Give full play to the role of the 12358 price reporting platform, the first half of the total price of the admissibility of the case to report cases, investigate and deal with cases of illegal price of 38, the implementation of economic sanctions, 7 million 600 thousand yuan ($595). All these powerful measures, for our province to ensure stable prices for a positive contribution to the province’s economic and social stability and healthy development has created a favorable price environment.


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