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is a beautiful display of publicity summer tourism resources and green low-carbon environmental awareness, promote healthy and fashionable fitness activities, 20, held in the city of Xining City District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism area in the city of Xining city in 2012 autumn and winter sports tourism activities and the first happy event will be officially opened on foot. 330 outdoor sports enthusiasts to participate in the first happy walk hiking will carry out fierce competition.

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City District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau of the relevant person in charge of the city area winter tourism activities registration work since its inception, has attracted wide attention from the society, attracted 330 outdoor enthusiasts and 10 bands participated in.

according to the introduction, this activity is in the area of Xining city cultural tourism to promote "as an opportunity, the integrated area of city construction, tourism and sports leisure, cultural exhibition and entertainment media resources and launched, for the public launch of the outdoor music festival, fitness competitions, hiking project competition, fun game etc.. Unlike in previous years, this year the city district also launched the first "happy walk" walk and to "sleepless summer night" as the theme of the outdoor music festival, the two events in October 20th and 21 in the city center plaza. The autumn and autumn cultural tourism activities in the urban area is also a new brand of sports tourism activities, which is created by the Wenfeng mountain ecological tourist scenic area. In the future, the district will be "national fitness, low-carbon travel" as the concept, the autumn and winter cultural tourism activities to create a high level, characteristics, a brand, the charm of the activities. (author: Wu Yachun)

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