The province of the court to carry out the reform of trial and execution separation

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Qinghai provincial court trial execution plan separation reform from September this year. The pilot reform measures, including the implementation of V. executive separation cut executive separation, necessary policing security, the implementation of the new case handling mode, implementation of unified management, improve the executive organization, personnel classification management, strengthen the implementation of force eight contents. Improve the quality of the implementation of the Qinghai court through reform. This is a news reporter recently learned from the Provincial Higher People’s court held a news conference.

according to the Supreme People’s court "on the implementation of the" two to three years of basic implementation to solve the problem of "work program" requirements, the Provincial Higher People’s court put forward "the province of the court before the end of February 2017, the completion of the execution of cases of possession of property available for the implementation of the case more than 70%, before the end of February 2018, the implementation of specific objectives above" after the case of possession of property available for the implementation of 85% cases. The separation between trial reform through the deep-seated problems, efforts to solve the implementation of justice, restricting the executive ability, promote the implementation to solve the problem.


of the reform work to determine the Provincial Higher People’s Court of Xining City Intermediate People’s court, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture intermediate people’s court, the City District People’s court, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County People’s court, the people’s Court of Guide County, the Republican County People’s court for trial court, the court of the first pilot from September to February 2017 this year. According to "Qinghai Province Higher People’s Court on the implementation of the pilot work of the judicial power and the executive power separation reform implementation plan" and approved the implementation of a comprehensive reform plan. After March 2017, on the basis of summing up the experience, in the province wide implementation of the trial and implementation of the right to implement the separation of the pilot reform.


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