Qinghai Qinghai Museum of fine arts exhibition in recent decades opened today overlooking Kunlun t

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11 month 12 days, the construction lasted three years, a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan, the construction area of 11 thousand square meters of the Qinghai Art Museum ushered in a good start, by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Federation organized by the Qinghai Museum of art, Artists Association, calligrapher’s Association, the provincial Photographers Association hosted the "view of Kunlun" Qinghai contemporary art exhibition "opened a mysterious veil, to show Qinghai in recent decades masterpieces.

It is reported that the exhibition

, after 3 months of preparation, exhibited a total of 12 sections of more than 400 works, a Qinghai old artist in the art, calligraphy, photography creation classic; the exhibition also exhibited for the first time Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Huang Shaojing, the older generation of artists such as Zhu Naizheng for the first time and the treasures of the huge Chinese painting creation nearly 40 square meters of the "look" of Kunlun.

this exhibition take traditional mounting styles and making modern combination, fully embodies the elegant style, rich connotation, exquisite form, atmosphere Shulang artistic atmosphere, magnificent mountains, beautiful is the Qinghai humanities, social progress, national unity, warmly praise and praise is more affectionate, for generations Qinghai Dili Qinghai cast plateau spirit of artistic expression and concentration of inheritance.


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