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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March (reporter He Xinrong Yi Yi) – this year’s government work report proposed to regulate the development of Internet banking 14. In regulating the development of Internet financial year, a few hurdle?

risk education: tall on the financial products should avoid

highest annual interest rate of 16.2%, the state-owned background, guaranteed interest"…… In some cities on the streets and communities, similar publicity is not uncommon in recent years.

talked about the Internet to prevent financial risks, the chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin believes that investors should do a good look at three: look at the object, is not targeted at the specific social objects to raise funds. Look at the return, is not committed to extraordinary high returns. Look at the marketing, whether to raise funds in the form of publicity.

the essence of Internet banking should be inclusive finance." National People’s Congress, Chen Jingying, vice president of Shanghai Finance University, said the current number of pseudo Internet banking platform, contrary to this nature, like bigger and higher, investors must be vigilant.

on behalf of the members of view, pseudo platform tall on the characteristics are often reflected as follows:

high-yield financial products. With the change of the economic environment, the current annual yield of high-quality trust financial products, but about 8%, while some P2P platform is often given more than 12% of the expected rate of return. It is difficult to achieve, suspected of illegal fund-raising. High yield results, it is likely that you want people interest, people want your principal." CPPCC National Committee, Huang Zemin, director of the Institute of international finance, East China Normal University, said.

wide range of financing, the demand for funds without restraint. The normal financing is financing for the project, there is a need for the project funds, and therefore the issue of a financial product is limited. If a financial platform for Internet banking forever hungry, it is likely that the need for a large number of latecomers to pay for the former, that is, a typical Ponzi scheme.

high-profile marketing, high rent, appears on the grade". In order to obtain the trust of investors, some of the Internet financial platform in the marketing often regardless of the cost, many entertainment stars have been pulled to the platform". In order to prove that they have "strength", these institutions also choose to work in the office. As everyone knows, these marketing and office costs are likely to mean misappropriation of customer funds.

industry access: not pull a cable can engage in financial

According to the

network home loan statistics, as of the end of December last year, 2595 net loan platform nationwide, 896 platforms problems which is 3.26 times that of 2014.

so many net loan platform, itself illustrates a problem, that is, the industry access threshold is too low." CPPCC National Committee members told reporters.

industry access threshold to what extent? Before the Shanghai municipal CPPCC Standing Committee Tuhaiming made investigation: the creation of a P2P company (net loan platform), the application does not require any license, only for the general industrial and commercial registration, to spend about one hundred thousand yuan;

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