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February 24th, held in Xining City, the provincial cadres to the countryside preaching Central Document No. 1, to carry out "about three" mobilization training conference, the city’s cadres to the countryside into farming door, visit the people, the people started work, city, county, township level three were deployed 2064 cadres out propaganda work.

officially launched in the city party’s mass line educational practice on the occasion, Xining city requires all the countryside cadres to close around the countryside "policy, promoting reform, promoting production and promoting harmony" theme, the positive spirit of the broad masses of peasants to preach the Party of eighteen, and in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the provincial Party committee, connotation, about the party’s mass line educational practice significance, the Central Document No. 1, provincial Party committee propaganda and a series of rich peasants benefiting the agriculture policy, understand the rural development of the "bottleneck" problem, as the reform of the rural industry to promote, strengthen land preparation for spring plowing and agricultural services, strengthen the construction of rural grassroots organizations, social management innovation, promote long period of stability in rural areas. And the requirements of the countryside cadres must grasp the policy, understand the policy, understand the spirit, do a deep understanding and mastering the flexible application, to understand, loved by the masses, and carry out propaganda.

Xining city countryside cadres to really down to the grass-roots level, into the household, with sincerity, with the truth, closely combined with agricultural and rural work, adhere to and carry out the party’s mass line educational practice together, learning in education at the same time, pay attention to the collection and solicit the opinions of the masses, to play the village Party organization and team battle fort action, an exemplary role of Party members of the village cadres, the work is in place, what are the current difficulties and problems, the masses have what demand; combined with solve the current difficulties and problems in rural areas, the lack of projects, slow development of the village, to actively coordinate, to run the project to the village, for money for the farmers to get rich, not wide, narrow channels of income of the village, to contact the export of labor services, helping to establish the professional cooperation organization The various forms of mass, efforts to broaden the channels of income, increase the income of farmers; combined with strengthening the grass-roots party construction work, explore the village construction, village enterprises build, village Party organization linked mode, expand the coverage and influence of the party organization, the village Party organization to assist the management of Party member education, to enhance the ability of Party members to promote rural development and service the masses of peasants, and actively guide the village "two committees" to foster the development of village collective economy, efforts to increase the village collective economic income; and maintain stability, oppose separation work together, vigorously promote the ethnic and religious policies of the party and national support for the development of the Tibetan Huimin policy, and constantly improve the consciousness of the broad masses of peasants to distinguish between right and wrong, to maintain the stability of the foundation. Build a strong ideological.  


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