Public Security Bureau of industry and Commerce jointly rushed to investigate the behavior of distur

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recently, the Xining municipal public security police, law enforcement personnel to go to the farmers market Mopai visit, a detailed understanding of the circulation of agricultural and sideline products, prices and other illegal acts, to crack down on all kinds of disturbing the market order.

Provincial Public Security Department of Xining Province, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market and Jia Wan slaughter market joint law enforcement inspection, the investigation focused on the agricultural products circulation and sales aspects of the existence of qiangmaiqiangmai "Caiba", forced "meat tyrants, the existence of price gouging, wantonly spread price information and other issues. Through the inspection, the market is satisfied with the current state of the security business. The Provincial Public Security Bureau asked the public security organs at all levels should establish public security, industrial and commercial channels of information sharing and the case as soon as possible (a) a notification system, public complaints, telephone hotlines, smooth complaint channels; establish the linkage mechanism, continue to strengthen agricultural and sideline products wholesale and retail market of public security prevention and control efforts, to maintain public order; through work and surveillance ferreting out clues, once found qiangmaiqiangmai, "Caiba" dominate the market "meat tyrants, resolutely severely crack down.


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