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is now a lot of shops in the actual operation of the process, due to the shortage of staff need to hire staff. However, the staff at the same time there are a lot of attention, if you do not notice, it will inevitably affect the operation of the store late. Therefore, if you want to hire employees above do more appropriate, may wish to pay more attention to the relevant matters.

not long ago, a retail friend said to me, because one person at the same time Months and years pass by. keep shop, take care of the child, every day from early morning to late, now, I feel particularly hard, want to ask people to help, to alleviate some of the burden for yourself. She drew up an advertisement and it was not long before several people called and asked for an interview. And she is about to face the interview these people, they do not know what to say to them. Said more afraid of people can not accept, take the ass to leave; say less afraid of causing sequela, produce contradictions and disputes, so feel quite embarrassed, the heart is very tangled, so ask me, she in the end how to do?

in fact, for this problem, I guess there may be a lot of retail friends have encountered, or the heart is also worried about this. Shop recruitment and employment issues, said the event is said to be small is trivial, in fact is also considered a major event, it should be treated with caution. Everything is hard in the beginning, so it is not only necessary but also an important day after birth, lest trouble. I think the shop should be paid attention to the following points:

a, select the appropriate object

this "suitable", which is reflected in the gender. According to their actual shops, determine the choice of male or female staff, this is the first to consider the issue, must not talk ambiguously, ready to accept either course. The use of men can not be replaced by women, of course, the use of women can not be replaced by men. Are you honest and reliable, can you work hard?

embodied in the characteristics of the three. Whether cheerful and lively, enthusiastic, speak with affinity, etc.. In this regard, we can not only directly through face-to-face observation, through the language of communication and judgment, but also through the understanding of their family situation indirect detection. Therefore, the decision must not be casual casual, hasty action, there must be a probation period. Choose the most suitable and best person.

two, signed labor contract

on the initial determination of the object, you can try a period of time, feel satisfied with the decision to hire, and he (she) signed a formal labor contract. The detailed provisions of the rights and obligations of both parties, such as to inform each other mainly engaged in what aspects of the work, the daily working time, overall employment time and salary, vacation and so on to write clearly; in addition to being hired due to their own subjective reasons for failure, serious violations made.

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