Yangzhou public space set off a new wave of entrepreneurship

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has just started the novice entrepreneurs will always encounter various problems, I do not know how to solve the lost. An excellent platform for entrepreneurs to provide help can be more than one point, Yangzhou set up a number of passenger space, the most powerful backing of entrepreneurs.

"find a venue, ask policy, lack of funds, to hatch…… Novice create a guest, how to go?" This is the biggest confusion of many entrepreneurs. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed two entrepreneurs, listen to them talk about entrepreneurship in Yangzhou road.

start from zero bag entrepreneurs

a speech, let Xi Jie decided to become a member of many entrepreneurs in Yangzhou.

Industrial economic structure

"in the future, will be" Internet plus "reconstruction." Since this year in Xi Jie IRC attended the lecture, he has repeatedly aftertaste which means. Xi Jie suddenly realized that "Internet plus" with unlimited opportunities, he abandoned the previous business into start-ups to. Founded cherry house information technology companies do community electricity supplier, is my life’s two venture." Xi Jie smiled and said, this time he can say is "bag business".

"my body with a" off the record "label, but different from the traditional sense of entrepreneurship, this time from the beginning I have assured the light asset management business philosophy." Xi Jie said that he did not intend to use the model of heavy asset investment, but a person into the world. He found the Yangzhou innovation in the post, does not charge a penny rent and property fee, broadband case, start a business career.

"Internet plus" to give what ordinary people? Xi Jie began to study in the country. Count up, there are about 400 million people use computers, mobile APP shopping, more people do not enjoy the benefits of the Internet business." Xi Jie, the electricity supplier community has potential business opportunities, he decided to set up a touch-screen shopping platform in the community, so that community residents can easily shopping at home. This month, his company’s first shopping machine was put into use in the community of Yangzhou. So far, his company has taken a crucial first step to achieve a leap from scratch.

was the transition from hatching to hatch off the record

and Xi Jie, Tian Fangfang is also the first batch of IRC hatch hit off, from the "incubator" to take the initiative to hatch a passenger, Tian Fangfang led the team has completed a beautiful turn.

"you can’t imagine, we started as a recommendation

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