The end of the college entrance examination catering entertainment industry warming

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college entrance examination as a special campaign in China, has been the concern of millions of people, although it is now over, but the major markets but also seize this rare opportunity to continue to introduce more services. This is not the end of the college entrance examination, catering and entertainment industry has been warming, ushered in the development of.

college entrance examination just past, students easily, but parents tense, because all students in nationality as the main party of heating, such as graduation farewell dinner, etc.. Reporter yesterday visited the city the size of restaurants and food stalls, after the college entrance examination, all parties based on students obviously hot up, promotion businessmen also seize opportunities with the feature, after the college entrance examination for the economic pie.

in Yingbin street, the person in charge of the hotel told reporters, from the beginning of the weekend, most of the hotel guests are just students attending the college entrance examination, some dinner a few good friends, also have the class graduation dinner. Is here to eat high school graduates Xiao Meng said, to more than and 40 people in their class, please the teacher, finally finished, it is time to gather together, after we Gebendongxi, it is hard to meet. He also told reporters, like this choice in the hotel to meet a lot of high school graduates, the average per capita consumption of 100 yuan -200.

in the playground city street, a hotel, the reporter saw seven or eight students, just playing basketball to the party. According to several students, after the end of the college entrance examination, and the students in the class about to eat and sing. Hotel staff said that these days a lot of students in the party, probably more than a hundred people a day. Then the reporter visited several KTV, according to a KTV Club West Yuhe staff said that from this month to 10, has been a candidate package under the KTV room singing and entertainment, almost each compartment in about 10 people.

according to some of the graduates, they choose to go to the fast food restaurant, beverage shop, roast to the party will relax the tense mood. In addition, some of the city’s hotel official said, for the students’ preference for online shopping this feature, they also buy some of the group launched a website to buy different promotions.

likes to come to church according to the person in charge, before the college entrance examination candidates they had received orders, especially a week after the college entrance examination, the student dinner not broken, hotel rooms are almost every student table. The official also introduced, from the previous year’s situation, after the college entrance examination and college entrance examination scores announced that the results of admission is a Teacher Appreciation Banquet after the climax.

candidates are now aware of their own achievements, reporting voluntary work will be carried out immediately, thank the teacher feast will be launched in major restaurants. Therefore, although the college entrance examination is a battle, but for many of our market development, but also an opportunity.

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