What are the steps of plant hair dye shop recruitment

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since it is a shop to do business, if it is not an individual can operate the shop, basically need to recruit staff, however, how to recruit employees on the troubled a lot of bosses. In fact, for people, is a very important part in the management of the store staff, or even directly affect the success or failure of a shop, for some service industries, such as hair salon, plant Hair Coloring. So, even more so.

technical staff technology determines the overall impression of customers to your store so, when recruiting employees, must be a lot of heart, in order to minimize the cost to meet the needs of qualified personnel in the store, we can through the three steps to select.

the first step: to determine the color of the plant and the number of employing staff requirements. On this basis, according to the size of the store and the vacancy category of their own estimates can be.

second step: take a variety of channels to choose the right staff. The recruitment of many channels, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, shop owners can choose according to their own circumstances, usually have the following channels:

(1) promoted internally. In this way, the risk is small, the cost is low, but also mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, increase the cohesion of the store. But this approach is small, it is not conducive to attract outstanding employees in society.

(2) through a variety of recruitment advertising and recruitment channels to attract industry access. This way is simple. Fast, able to attract many applicants, but also have a promotional role on plant Hair Coloring museum itself, but also because of too much to attract people, which need to spend a lot of time in the selection of outstanding candidates.

(3) through schools, training institutions and other recruitment. In this way, employees have the basic professional skills, do not need too much training, and these schools or institutions to establish long-term cooperative relations. But just out of school people do not have too much work experience, so this requires a lot of attention.

(4) other channels such as employee referrals. This approach is similar to the internal promotion, the risk is small, low cost, but the corresponding range is very small.

Of course, in addition to

, through various channels of recruitment, to obtain excellent talents, their own shop also should be attractive, which includes the present situation and development prospect of the store, the image and reputation of the store, pay commission and benefits, whether there are opportunities, training and promote the work location and decoration and plant conditions the Hair Coloring vacancy type.

third step: selecting the right person from the job seeker. As the hairdressing industry, the most basic quality of the staff is optimistic, positive, willing to deal with people. >

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