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said that women’s money is best earned, but also to find the right project. Most of the money to make women’s entrepreneurial projects: the largest consumer of women, profiteering beauty industry, fashion accessories, there is a restaurant for women.

woman money earn most of entrepreneurial projects: women have been the highlight of the clothing market

domestic women’s market trend is becoming more and more obvious, in addition to professional women’s suit to occupy a certain market share, leisure women have also been a good development. This year popular both in costume design, or collocation to find everything fresh and new feeling in color, many women become the new darling of consumers. There are a number of foreign fashion into the Chinese wind, Chinese and Western style is the majority of young women sought after. According to statistics, all kinds of clothing sales 13987. 800 thousand, of which women’s clothing of 32 million 293 thousand, an increase of 34.4%, ranking first in apparel sales.

most of the money to make money for entrepreneurial projects: beauty industry – a huge market potential of gold

beauty beauty care industry is a service industry as the main body; a set of product development, trade, professional instrument accessories, supplies, cosmetics production support; to trim, image design industry; exhibition industry, news dissemination, information consulting industry media; and beauty education industry based on human resources comprehensive industrial chain. It uses a pair of one or more of a service, high requirements, good working environment, low labor intensity, is the women preferred and appropriate ideal occupation, because China’s current employment pressure, income, population increase, the needs of the United States gradually increased, leading to the society is cosmetic technology, to to meet the requirements of beautiful women.

most women’s money to do business projects: fashion accessories

beauty of girls. Elaborate ornament of their own, so that you are different, to show their own unique, fashion accessories: every woman must have the necessities of jewelry chain stores in China is not a lot of market potential. It is a good idea to set up or join the jewelry store chain, which can get a higher return on investment than other products. For example: join the project well, beauty beauty is stone andyou seduction zone! So how do we make money? Let us go to a jewelry chain market prospects and other aspects of the situation analysis carefully.

most women’s money to do business projects: Catering

The development of

Chinese economy and drive of tourism catering industry outlook is promising, in the next few years, business model China catering industry will be diversified, will speed up the process of internationalization, and the green food will become fashionable. The Ministry of Commerce predicts that by 2010, China’s catering industry retail sales will reach 200 recommended

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