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of the Ningxia autonomous region to implement the new policy of innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs continue to inject tonic". Under the guidance and policy, not only more and more entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial quality is also rising.

recently, my area will lead the founder of agricultural science and technology personnel operating entity inject a needle tonic, agreed to continue to support the agricultural science and technology personnel lead science and technology service enterprises. The Organization Department of the autonomous region reiterated continue to support scientific and technical personnel to the relevant provisions of the business, does poineering work from science and technology correspondent is not included in the official investment enterprises to clean up the range, eliminating the grass-roots entrepreneurship years of science and technology correspondent for the fate of doubt, entrenched their entrepreneurial confidence.

2002, I draw on the experience of Nanping pilot area of Ningxia science and technology correspondent entrepreneurial action, the same year the introduction of "Ningxia science and technology correspondent entrepreneurial action plan", the implementation of three guarantees two preferential supporting policies, retention preparation, retain positions and retain wages and benefits, to encourage institutions with professional and technical expertise of the personnel in the post entrepreneurship, further agricultural production line, led farmers to get rich.

in the incentive policy, I District Science and technology personnel have added to the grass-roots level, science and technology correspondent team, to carry out scientific and technological entrepreneurship. With the Ningxia science and technology correspondent entrepreneurship "mode of Ningxia" reputation gradually, the regional party committee and government issued "on the in-depth development of science and technology correspondent action views of entrepreneurship" and other related documents, the objectives and tasks, implementation steps, security measures and other aspects of a comprehensive deployment, optimization, security science and technology correspondent entrepreneurship policy environment, strengthen the government driving force.

I District Rural Science and technology entrepreneurship has become to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation pioneer ". Under the protection of a series of policies, Ningxia science and technology correspondent team of more than 200 of the original development of nearly 5000 now. Science and technology correspondent entrepreneurship driven and service radiation areas, farmers income higher than 18% in other regions, benefiting nearly 900 thousand farmers in 230 thousand. Scientific and technical personnel of grass roots down to earth, the main crop varieties in our region to achieve 90% coverage, effectively promoting the development of modern agriculture in our district.

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