Grocery stores and specialty stores which is a better business model

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now many people have the idea of shop, but do not know in the end what kind of business model, is a little stronger professional? Or the grocery store? A discussion about a situation which is now doing rural row full according to the job is professional (such as alcohol and tobacco monopoly, tobacco tea monopoly store), or that the original shop what are, what are not professional in the grocery store is good. These two business models which are more suitable for the current market?

main symptoms grocery store PK store business model which is better or worse

The main flavor prescription

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specialty grocery stores are

no features are difficult to engage in

see today the masses of peers raised the question of the land by mind emerge in a word, that is "characteristic". No characteristics of the store, only to drift, only tepid, only Yin Yang die not live state, passive management, customer slip to go, today the last time tomorrow went to another store, natural form of endless scenes, business is difficult to appear prosperous scene.


store owner looked at if things go on like this, the grocery store business model, you see people rich category of goods, with anything, small to large hardware appliances, odds and ends of sewing, all customers take visitors to the customer, is very lively. But the business owner of the grocery store has a heart stuck, you see people around the store, commodity varieties, to win customer needs first to take care of family professional shop, I this business model has not adapt to the surrounding crowd.

We look at the

store of goods with nothing, nothing major, drive slowly reduced, regret, I had what went, why get so many goods to open grocery store what ah, if we have a professional door, whether it is specialized in tobacco monopoly, or daily commodities, regardless of it is a cloth business or household appliances, worry and effort. If we can get the store early where there rash and too much in haste, this is nothing major, professional shop jammed, the money is not much, suffer many broken situation.

said the spectators, you stupid paradise, today people want to know the peer in the current fierce market competition before, what kind of business mode is good, let your overall analyze what kind of business model suitable for the competition, you do, say what to do so much nonsense, do people do not know the psychological changes of the above two types of people.


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