Automotive beauty shop positioning is the key

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with the popularity of the car, open a car beauty shop has become a lot of entrepreneurs optimistic, yes, this industry is very large profits, is a good choice for entrepreneurship. But there are also open car beauty shop skills, first of all, entrepreneurs need to do is the market positioning, the only clear positioning of the store, the future business model and marketing tools can be targeted. The following will analyze the views of consumers on car beauty is how.

consumers for automobile customer service how to treat, they will make a choice in daily life. There is a survey conducted by the relevant media, in accordance with the price of the car will be divided into 100 thousand yuan owners of the car owners, the owners of the car more than 200 thousand yuan, more than 300 thousand yuan of the car owners, which conducted a sampling survey between the partitions.

the survey results vary, most said 100 thousand yuan car, if the car is in the warranty period, and for the first time Car Buying owners, most will carry out maintenance in the 4S shop, but the decorative beauty will choose 4S shop outside the decorative beauty shop. Survey of more than 200 thousand yuan for the car owners, car maintenance, will generally be carried out in the 4S shop, as for the added equipment and projects for the automotive beauty decoration will conduct a comprehensive assessment before making a decision, early in 60% the possibility of 4S store choice in the car, but with the use of life will increase selectivity the consumption shift, however, this kind of consumers, even in the 4S shop outside the decorative beauty shop, most of the cases will be high-grade choice. In contrast, 300 thousand yuan car owners for the 4S shop customer service loyalty, one of the biggest characteristic of this part of the customer is, economic ability, maintenance and repair of the car will be more careful, more attention, 4S stores and professional consumer price they can afford.


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