Academy of Social Sciences published social blue book to promote entrepreneurship employment effects

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proposed since last year hit campaign slogan, China will vigorously promote the top-down development of innovation and entrepreneurship, to encourage youth entrepreneurship to promote employment. So far, double obviously make good progress, many people have realized the dream of entrepreneurship.

24 in Beijing released a "social blue book" pointed out that in 2015 the employment situation remained stable overall, the urban employment gradually stabilize the fluctuations in unemployment remained at a low level. In addition, innovation and entrepreneurship in promoting employment at the same time, economic growth has a significant multiplier effect.

12 24, jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House of the "social Blue Book: analysis and forecast" China social situation in 2016 conference held in Beijing.

– innovation and entrepreneurship, promote employment, have a significant multiplier effect on economic growth of

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