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students start to become common and common today, entrepreneurs want to succeed need timely to avoid weaknesses, only these, students can eventually emerge in the venture, now let’s go to college students’ entrepreneurship as an example.

with the city employment pressure increasing and agriculture related market opportunities increasing, home business become more and more college students choose after graduation. What are the difficulties and obstacles for college students to return home? How to avoid weaknesses in order to achieve success? And listen to people, "bee brother", "potato sister", "rabbit Queen" to say.

act tough and talk soft."

in April this year, Guangxi Yulin lad Chen Huaqi opened a "Chihiro bee field" in Nanning Liangfengjiang, less than a year, he became known for "bee brother", the monthly sales of honey million profit. From the office to get a stable and well paid white-collar workers, to wear thick protective clothing in the sun exposure of the bees, Chen Huaqi admitted as a college student, returning home to start the first thing is the pressure of public opinion.

He strongly opposed the

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