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do business basically is to open the store, the store’s overall design and operation are required careful consideration, must not be blind, many people know the shop decoration important, but do not know the entrance design is equally important, only to do the planning, in order to attract customers to better meet. Customer. So, how to design a more reasonable outlet entrance? Here are some suggestions to help you shop.

(1) of the heavy traffic road should not be set out of the pedestrian street entrance, The stream never stops flowing. is set up a better address population. Shop entrance to the flow of people, the route selection rules, based on the investigation of radiation orientation, the door opened in the pedestrian up to the most smooth path, the most eye-catching place.

(2) opened in the upstairs or basement shops, the entrance should be set up eye-catching and distinctive logo.

The design of

(3) entrance should enable the customer to see clearly the interior of the shop, and display the goods to have a strong attraction, so as to arouse the customer’s desire to buy.

(4) population must be designed to facilitate customer access. If the entrance design is unreasonable, the customer into the shop is very difficult. Some shops are shielded by a glass door in front of love, not knowing that this approach will become the customer into the store barrier.

The size of

(5) inlet shall be adjusted according to the local temperature. In the cold winter, the opening degree of the population should be smaller; in the hot summer, you can take off the door, standing on the side of the door frame.

is more easily overlooked details, should be more worthy of attention, because often the details can determine success or failure, so in the shop entrance also needs to pay more attention to the entrance and exit of the shop are often neglected by the store, think as long as the store display, the product is good, do not worry about money, not so how is the entrance or exit. In fact, this idea is wrong, the entrance is a very important factor, if the design is unreasonable, will affect the store business.

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