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said drink your first impression of what is not heat or thirst when you kind of cool and cool feeling. Small in the southern region, recently continuous rainfall also ushered in substantial cooling, someone asked small, it is so cold drink Fresh Juice elderly and children have a hot drink unable to resist sustain the blows,? Spring and autumn and winter seasons, different climate, affecting many seasonal business. Traditional stores generally only in the summer is the most popular season, fresh space drink tea shop, a shop selling seasons, to provide for the cold weather and winter special warm fresh corn juice, hot drinks and grain workshop series, four special requirements for the people can drink hot drinks and health series.

fresh tea drinking space tea shop?

corn contains vitamin E is an important anti-aging and cosmetic substances. Corn is rich in cellulose is a can not be absorbed by the body of carbohydrates, can reduce the concentration of human intestinal carcinogens, reduce the secretion of toxins in the gut of humus and corn inner product lag, can reduce the incidence of colon cancer and rectal cancer rate. The pectin cellulose, can be combined with carcinogenic substances, into harmless substances discharged from the body; containing lignin, the phagocytosis of bacteria and cancer cells of the macrophage activity increased 2 to 3 times, which can inhibit the cancer. Made of fresh corn juice, although how much will lose a little nutrition, but most of the nutrients are retained, nutrient absorption, eating is also convenient.

Fresh Juice health, fashion, choose fresh drinking tea shop space to join, is actually a healthy fashion choice to join, meet the needs of modern people’s diet, and drinking tea shop space to join the market prospect is very broad. Drinking tea shop space "oxygen" Fresh Juice, also Fresh Juice and in the fruit and vegetable juice brand characteristics, except for the fresh hot drinks and fruit juice, it also "add oxygen" this one of the characteristics of fresh juice drink tea shop space, scientific collocation of fruits and vegetables, pressed into juice fresh, retain all nutrient elements in the fruits and vegetables is not destroyed, more healthy, more nutrition, more health.

is introduced above the visible space drinking tea shop is a good project, if you have joined the idea please post our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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