A few points you may overlook the clothing store decoration skills

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now entrepreneurs who have agreed to join such a view: store decoration is very influential for sales. This view has been confirmed by many examples. Decoration shops in order to improve the sales of clothing. In foreign countries, shop decoration style, window design, commodity display, etc., are a great knowledge. We have done experiments, if this series of work done in place, the same clothing sales growth of 15% to 30%.

paint glass is a good material of high quality and inexpensive, even some of the big, will apply to. The principle is in line with the brand style and positioning, do not grab the limelight clothing. In addition, the light is also a tool to highlight clothing. For a clothing store, the electricity consumption of lighting is indeed very high, but if you want to make a good sales performance, the money can not save. Man is an animal drawn, where natural light can attract eyeball, but rely on dark to set off the lights, this is the use of technology.

clothing display is a luxurious   have a good store decoration, how to display clothing became that entrepreneurs encounter setbacks. It has a lot of swing clothing tips, on just a few simple principles: first, in order to make the overall harmony, no matter is positive side is still hanging, left to right deep shallow, which is consistent with the average person from the left to the right things habits.

this collocation is not only beautiful, but also reflect the grade. The same wall, the color is not as rich as possible, and some stores like to put the same color clothing placed on the sale can not play a role in promoting. Hub is the use of color grouping. For example, red and white blue with the classic, you can in a wall to the color of the three colors, to each other to put in place, both good-looking, and neat. For example, the use of color, yellow and blue together, red and green together this color collocation is able to attract eyeball attention.


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