Entrepreneurship shop need to know two or three things

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believe that many people have set up shop dream, in fact this idea is very good, a lot of people in the heavy work do not want to mention their own ideal, the ideal is because they do not work, but work for others to open his own will really be so smooth? Look at all kinds of shop people encountered in the shop two or three things.

site selection is very important, but not necessary

is known to open a store location is very important, but it is not to say that there is no good location can not open the shop, the store is profitable depends on your business.

Mrs. Yao opened a weight loss center in Jiangsu Gaoyou, mainly rely on products and equipment to help a friend in need to lose weight, because the first opened shop in two layer, pavement management strictly cannot do business signs, very cold, but Mrs. Yao is not discouraged, loyal customers and reputation, more and more guests introduced slowly acquaintances. The business is getting better, now Mrs. Yao ready to open second stores.

was once a Tupperware Golden Queen Yang Jie, in the first shop, took great pains in the site, handpicked finally picked a location is good. However, at the beginning of the new business is still relatively cool.

Yang sister by distribute leaflets of specialized organizations, Party membership, holiday gifts, etc., not only to enhance the turnover, has become the first Tupperware golden queen. Now, Yang Jie is completing his other dream of opening a teahouse.

comment: shop location is very important, but it does not mean that there is no good address will not be able to open a good shop, the address of the shop is good or bad one is according to the nature of the decision to open shop, two is to look at the business strategy, not all the shops all turnover problems are attributed to the location.

Cross shop is very difficult, but the success rate is not low

shop owners hesitate to shop a large part of the reasons are considered, I do not understand how this line can do business? But for the actual case to understand from the shop, Cross shop although it is difficult, but because do not understand the care and study hard, the success rate is relatively high.

Chen Liyong gave up 300 thousand annual salary of the Internet Co post, opened a fruit shop — what da Steamed Buns steamed in Jinsong, in order to make up for their professional knowledge, Li Yong ate a month Steamed Buns, not only on the market in Beijing, also traveled to Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and so on place to eat Steamed Buns the fruit, Steamed Buns this direction, Li Yong began his formula Steamed Buns continue to eat. Now open to have a lot to ask "what da bun" a month to join, Li Yong also said to be more efforts to do more products recommended

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