7 year old boy when the legendary life of shareholders surprised

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Since the days of

, the domestic stock market can be said to be very uneasy, because there are many different phenomena, but also led the entire national stock market pace, the investors will say next is very great.

once at the age of 4 by his father forced streaking in the university run naked brother He Yide, now 7 years old, and the 7 year old boy in recent days with his "Eagle dad" in the Nanjing city of Qinhuai branch Industrial and Commercial Bureau rush hall, where they registered a new company. He accounted for 40% of the shares, become a major shareholder of the company, has become the smallest shareholders. This "baby shareholders" is attracting 26 venture capital.

"baby shareholders" domestic minimum attracted 26 venture capital

registered in the application site yesterday, run naked brother He Yide told reporters, in fact he was in my father’s encouragement, the thought of the civil affairs department to apply for a private non-profit organization, but because the procedures to wait for a long time, just on Friday to Qinhuai Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered a limited company. At that time, the window of the business sector staff learned that the shareholders to be registered in a 7 year old baby, suddenly some of the food is not allowed, because it has never been touched before. Then made a special request to the higher authorities, two days after they agreed to apply for registration, and took the relevant materials.

"Eagle dad" to participate in various business activities, but also with run naked brother, even in entrepreneurial marketing training high-level door, brother also really sit back. 7 year old run naked brother to recommend

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