Girls’ most popular venture

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in the real life of the majority of female compatriots who often want to choose their own business is more interested in the industry, in reality, there are many entrepreneurial projects are more popular with female compatriots.

More and more

sexy dress shop

We all know

cosmetics shop

1) location: near bus stop, near cell;

2): the starting investment capital of 500 thousand yuan, the general location of a better store rent of about 200 thousand yuan / year, the purchase cost control in 100 thousand yuan, the best agent for cosmetics with nursing service guidance, a single brand, such as Herborist, can avoid to find their own purchase channels, advanced equipment and a series of complicated affairs if you do, single, purchase could first go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to find sources, the first suppliers to explain the situation, each product advanced 1-2 samples, to avoid the purchase cost too much.

in the varieties, daily necessities can be given into the more, such as moisturizing, cleansing and other basic health care products, and scrub dead skin cream is less appropriate, these products use a relatively small crowd. Some of the necessary equipment, such as introducing instrument, ion spray, beauty bed and water heaters, also need to configure, cost about 80 thousand yuan; 3) business: customer pull customers, cosmetics profit is very lucrative, most brands will give retailers of not less than 30% discount.

green laser pen

when making slides, are currently using red laser pen as a tool, but its range is close, the clarity is not enough, the effect is not ideal. The products used within the green laser generating device, which overcomes the above disadvantages, have good alternative, and high power products has been astronomy enthusiasts, to observe and explain the tool. Work with seven batteries, the service life of more than 5000 hours.

green food

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