Baby clothing business opportunities for women to earn five thousand monthly accounting resignation

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do not think that the young mothers of children very seriously, not to buy goods on the Internet babies, in fact, online shopping, as long as the seller still has high credibility, quality guarantee, there is a real example in the online sale of baby clothes sold.

the work to become interested in


was born in her child, she has a small baby knitting many small clothes, small shoes, then the baby slowly grew up, clothes and shoes can not wear, Ms. Lee will weave themselves real photos hanging on the line, did not think this serendipitously actually attracted a lot of friends attention, people are asking how a selling method.

inspired, Lee decided to quit the accounting work full-time in the Taobao open shop selling handmade weaving shop, called "Jinxiu spinning". "At that time, the whole family was against, I think it should not be the stability of the work, but only the most supportive of my husband." Ms. Lee said with a smile.

online open situation

after observation of other similar shop, Lee began to enrich the style, so she began to try new things on the shoe, rich product types, product price is only 10 yuan to 70 yuan, compared to the people in the market to buy much cheaper, so she stayed by word-of-mouth a lot of old customers. Today, Ms. Lee’s knitting has been favored by many mothers, many people also use it as a gift to each other.

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