From 300 to 5 million entrepreneurial story

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sometimes can change the destiny of life, in the face of the decision when the account is now down stability, or ran on the road of entrepreneurship direction, this is undoubtedly a difficult choice. Jiang Ling is such a person, in the way of life, she chose to venture.

Jiang Ling, Shenzhen jialingda general manager of trade limited company. Once, she is an engineer of a Shenzhen; once, she has a steady income; she had, for many girls, is to see the envy of! However, like the challenge of her, like to create something she gave up those who have, then, entrepreneurial crowd with her.

grew up on jewelry has a soft spot for Jiang Ling when she was young to love their own design and production of some handmade jewelry, handmade jewelry to friends and family, have been praise. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, Jiang Ling decided to play to their strengths, crafts jewelry chain. She spent 300 yuan, bought a pile of materials to come back, their own design, made some fashionable bracelet and necklace. She took pictures of her work and sold it to Taobao, a Chinese active online trading site. Because she thinks there are more people on the site, and more girls. Sure enough, the second day of the Internet sale was bought. This allows Jiang Ling tasted the sweetness of a small woman from the United States for several days.

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