The key to University master when the cowherd entrepreneurship

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now severe forms of employment, many college students choose to return home, looking for rich opportunities, twisting his own life. There are a lot of distinctive personality of young entrepreneurs in the Miao people, of which 3 people’s story is unforgettable……

master when the "cowherd"

Unitary Zhen Ma Jia Cun, Longsheng County, Huayuan

"from dawn to dusk, live frugally, hard disk out of a college student. Did not think he came back to cattle, I was so angry that I can’t sleep sleep." Longsheng’s new father does not agree with the beginning of his breeding.

in his lead, the village has more than and 60 households, cattle, 20 more than the size of the 6 households. "Now to solve the problem of grassland construction. I hope the relevant departments to support the transfer of barren hills, grassland and expand the scale of farming, help more villagers’ income." Longsheng said.

"boss" when the "village official"

1996, Ma Shaochi graduated from the National Institute of education, has to Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places of business careers, back home also served as director of Huayuan county and other mineral company, Songtao xiushan. In 2011, he established the Huayuan County stone building materials limited liability company, assets of more than 5 million yuan

however, in March 2014, he was in peace as a "village". A multi million "boss" ran back as one small corner "village", some people really do not understand, "come back in the end figure what?"

"township and county, soil in the field, he is busy from morning to black." Old Secretary Kim said longchang. Since last year, Ma Shaochi has raised about 1000000 yuan, the new 10 road hardening, new group recommended

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