Pei Xing and his party to Wuqing project research

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now has a number of projects across the country to support the local entrepreneurial career, and this project has what kind of operation, but also for the development of the local natural stage has extraordinary influence, nature is subject to the relevant business people’s attention.

5 on the morning of 17 July, the central China Youth Entrepreneurship and employment foundation Deputy Secretary General Pei Huan and his party to Wuqing on China Youth Entrepreneurship community (Wuqing) project to promote the situation of research. Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee deputy secretary Zhang Bingzhu, accompanied by Zhong Shuming.

Pei Huan first arrived at the Wuqing Development Zone China youth entrepreneurship community (Wuqing) project, the site for the project construction schedule, and listened to the responsible comrades on the introduction of the project layout, functional area distribution, creative theme design and other relevant circumstances. Then held in Wuqing Development Zone, the company held a forum, Pei Xing and his party on the project specific operational programs, to guide the fund to build the program and the introduction of the project to carry out in-depth docking exchange.

Pei Huan affirmed on the project design and construction, the Wuqing district government for the project to support and help grateful. She said that China Youth Entrepreneurship and employment foundation will further integrate resources for the youth entrepreneurial community to introduce high-quality entrepreneurial projects, full-service Youth Entrepreneurs to achieve common development.

Zhong Shuming welcome to the arrival of Pei Xing and his party. He said that Wuqing will continue adhering to the "service to others is to develop their own ideas, as in the past to provide quality and efficient service for the project construction and operation, to boost the China youth entrepreneurship community (Wuqing) project to promote the project construction, built in the early, early results.

Tianjin local entrepreneurship can have such a hot development, and policy support is not unrelated. Pei Huan’s research, will be able to make people more aware of such a project in Tianjin, Wuqing, for its future development will have a better role in promoting.

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