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now with more attention to the affection of family culture, various places have also launched a variety of very meaningful family cultural activities, to allow more families better integrate, has attracted so many families to join them, here is to understand one of the "family culture"


9 on the 15 day at 8:10 in the morning, Cheng town real estate Cup fifth "spring bath · foot Qihe large public event, one family in children attracted our attention.

approached after the reporter learned that this is a family of four from Qibin district on one side of the water area, this is the third time to participate in the Hebi daily at the foot of Qihe activities.

the owner said that the first time to participate in activities to participate in the idea that he put forward. He felt the whole family to wear the same clothes to participate in the activities of great significance, and then each time to participate in the activities of his family will have the habit of wearing children’s clothing.

"two children grow fast, last year’s clothes can not wear, and this year the family bought a new." The hostess said, not only the appearance of a beautiful dress, but also to add more color to the family, the children feel that they have a family to wear the feeling.


family are basically combination groups like 3+2+1, most of the children are basically in the care of elderly, people are always busy with work, no time is always good together, along with the generations of old people’s old, the family becomes very important, is I just want to say, while there is time, with the elderly, children, wearing dresses, one family happy to enjoy family.

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