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display showing a state of what many people may think, not what, but this is the store management will have a very large impact. There is a classic French business proverb: "even the fruits and vegetables, also arranged as art as a still life painting, the beauty of goods can be lifted the customers desire to buy."

vivid cigarette display to a certain extent, to enhance cigarette sales, which has become the consensus of many retail customers. But when I visited the market found that many grocery stores, convenience stores, cigarette counters, shelves more messy, goods placed disorder, not to mention the vivid display. The reason, one hand on the cigarette retail customers on the lack of sufficient attention, do not understand the display to help create new styles of cigarette cigarette sales promotion; on the other hand some retail customers to create features that cigarette display needs time-consuming, and the effect is difficult to maintain for a long time, also do not want to spend a great effort to do.

The classification of goods

reasonable and display methods can play a display of goods, sales, convenient purchase, saving space, beautify the environment, good display of goods can not only effectively increase the purchase rate of consumers, impression and evaluation will affect the consumer to shop. Therefore, instead of making cigarettes disorganized and lifeless, you might as well start with a vivid display to make them a business card".

create a vivid display of cigarettes, can imitate it, to do a good display of cigarette shop "learn", to learn and master some tips on display, such as cigarette brands, price or specifications are on display, so that consumers at a glance to buy cigarettes, choose Save time. Focus on cultivating brand display in a prominent position, to give consumers the best visual effects, to attract consumer attention, effectively enhance sales.

on this basis to carry out innovation, and strive to achieve a diverse display of cigarettes, vivid image, highlighting the brand, highlighting the creative. For example, in the wedding smoke on the display can be placed into "Hi" or "heart" and so on, in the new cigarette, focusing on cultivating brand promotion can adopt the "goods" or "V" type, enhance the visual impact. At the same time, but also according to different brands or different festivals timely replacement of different shapes, and constantly bring freshness to consumers, stimulate their desire to buy.

is now also a commodity business, the store is very much, if there is no commodity display what characteristics, naturally it is difficult to attract more consumers to shop, showing a better state also will face more problems. In short, if you want to shop business is hot, but also need to do a good job of commodity display.

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