How to distinguish between genuine and fake foreign trade clothing store

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clothing industry has always been entrepreneurs pay more attention to industry, is very popular, attracting the consumers will always be a novelty, so clothing product, consumers especially female consumers are always attracted to foreign trade clothing! If you want to start a business to get rich quickly, choose to open a foreign trade clothing store is also a good choice! But foreign trade clothing is the emergence of real hard problem, let’s take a look at the open foreign trade clothing stores how to distinguish between genuine and fake products!

what is foreign trade clothing?

roughly outlines the characteristics of foreign trade clothing. The so-called foreign trade clothing, refers to the domestic garment manufacturers at the same time according to the incoming sample to sample, domestic or foreign materials processing abroad, the product remaining after the completion of the order, including fabric, specifications and color on the little wrong or defective products, excess savings to cloth without processing and foreign goods but no inferior to "export" clothing.

foreign trade clothing where attractive?

as a result of foreign trade clothing are women oriented, ladies are the mainstream customers of these clothing stores. After all, it is ready to export clothing, cheap, fashionable, quality assurance and brand. Many women like to buy foreign trade clothing, because foreign trade clothing to leisure based, work is fine, and the fabric is almost 100% pure cotton or pure hemp, pure silk products, wear casual, comfortable.

Chinese logo essential!

no matter what clothing, as long as the sales in China, it must be marked with chinese." In an interview, fiber inspection bureau a staff member says, "because some foreign trade clothing store is completely foreign identification, origin and composition that almost all foreign language, many consumers mistakenly think that really is the international famous brand. In fact, if the dress is only hanging a foreign language logo, there is no relevant Chinese instructions, then this clothing brand is definitely fake. Even if the export to domestic clothing must also have Chinese logo."

shop is not so easy to do business, but at the time of purchase should also pay more attention to the consumers love foreign trade clothing which is not false, but their love is genuine, if entrepreneurs do not distinguish between true and false, the false foreign trade clothing, will let you store out of consumers’ trust in business, and how good? In addition to the above mentioned small points, entrepreneurs have to remember is to go to the regular manufacturers to buy, in order to better ensure product quality!

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