The successful management skills of lovers clothing store

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wear clothing lovers walking in the street, it can bring higher return rate, more and more lovers love to wear clothing lovers, in the eyes of the entrepreneurs, is a good investment opportunities, how to successfully operate a couple of clothing stores? Some practical tips can help you make better judgments, let’s introduce the following!


product design. The word at the head, the charm of accessories icing on the

lovers clothing store consumer groups are mostly young students and white-collar workers, so the store’s merchandise quality and price should be targeted to have a flat. According to the different consumer groups, should be appropriate to configure the appropriate grade and price of goods, to ensure that goods in line with market demand.

lovers clothing store product design to highlight the word – lovers can dig a lot of space. As reflected in the market, many designers tend to think of the couple too simple. In fact, the couple is not the size of the difference, it contains a very rich content, one of which is the need for creative intentions. A couple of clothing patterns can be made into a half, two people together, can form a pattern.

For example:

with unchanging devotion to the motherland, in two separate, each piece of clothing is half of the heart, together and become a heart. So you can dig a lot of patterns, the key is to fall in love. Couples in the clothing store couples with different styles of combination, in order to adapt to the needs of different environments and activities, it can be divided into sportswear, casual wear, home service and evening dress and other types.

fabric selection from time to time

lovers clothing stores in the choice of fabrics, according to the seasonal changes and the requirements of various activities to choose. Patterns can be used to change the form of combination, can also use the same texture of different colors or different texture of the same color of wool.


accessories icing on the cake

young lovers are crazy shoppers, clothing is a buy two sets. A couple of clothing stores, the store must be featured couples dress, of course, and couples dress related accessories are indispensable, such as shoes, hats, umbrellas, jewelry and other accessories, decorative accessories, make couples dress more attractive. Or can be made into a couple items: clothes, shoes, gloves, scarves, trousers, belts, hats, toothbrushes, cups, cell phones, watches, glasses, socks, backpacks and even bicycles, etc..

selling clothes is selling image

shop business is not good, do not have to enter the store, stay at the door for a few seconds to see what you see, look at the signs, look at the lights, look at the display, look at health conditions, but also

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