Various types of incubators gathered to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs

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the formation of public space, with the convenience of entrepreneurs is not a little bit, if all kinds of incubation carrier gathered, the advantages of resources is rich, can meet the entrepreneurial needs of entrepreneurs.

Beijing "space" get together to settle

the linkage of Beijing Shuangcheng docking resources

3 29, a "Elaine Jin Tsinghua record passenger line" activities held in Beijing Tsinghua Science park. Female entrepreneurs from Tianjin site butt Beijing entrepreneurial resources, and with Beijing’s female entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurial experience, the scene is very hot. The activities of the main parties to undertake — Enlightenment star (Tianjin) is located in a district of Beijing incubator service platform. It has set up two bases in Binhai high tech Zone and eco city, organized by the Beijing Tianjin linkage activities, attracting the need to tap the resources of the joint venture projects in Shuangcheng.

"comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry waste project founder Zhang Lian told reporters that the reason in the enlightenment star (Tianjin), is a fancy they behind the Beijing Tsinghua Science Park in scientific research investment and technological innovation strength, access to such resources can make their projects more broad space to grow. In addition, there are a lot of entrepreneurs from Beijing took a fancy to the Tianjin Binhai New Area, a strong industrial base and low-cost entrepreneurial environment, but also have chosen to move the project from Beijing to Binhai New area. Reporters learned that, in the enlightenment star (Tianjin) ecological city base settled in more than and 10 entrepreneurial projects, nearly half from Beijing.

and is located in the central business district of the Tencent to the public record space platform based on WeChat, QQ, as the representative of the Tencent content platform, cloud, wide open, WeChat as the representative of the payment platform introduced from Beijing District, from the Internet of things, the Internet + entrepreneurial projects team to provide personalized service. It is understood that, like this with the entrepreneurial resources of Beijing and Tianjin create space or incubation carrier, is currently welcomed by new entrepreneurs.

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