45 colleges and universities to adjust the name changed into a boom

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there are so many colleges and universities have love to change the name, like from XX university into a certain college, this phenomenon in life are very common, recently, the national Ministry of Education issued some regulations to restrict the name of heat.

access to university name history, nothing more than four kinds of types: from college upgraded to undergraduate school, the school was renamed the college; college was renamed the college; independent college and parent school decoupling, become independent private school changed its name to get rid of some of the traditional industries; school image, get rid of its machinery, chemical industry, agriculture and forestry and other words, replacement for the arts, science and technology, management and other fashionable words.

These characteristics are reflected in the

Why are

Xiong Bingqi

21, vice president of 21st Century Education Research Institute said, in four renamed, third is normal, the other three categories, if indeed the school’s location, level adjustment, need to be renamed, is only to have no ground for blame if the school, the school name better "grade", but this name, renamed more in name than in reality. But there is not much need, "if the college was renamed the University, the University School space is bigger? In foreign countries, some university names have been unchanged, or the creation of the school, technical school of a class name, you can still do the world first-class university, such as California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

name which can bring "bonus"?


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