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a lot of people believe that the business should be as early as possible, because the market competition will become more and more intense, as early as the beginning of business, perhaps as early as the success, and prices soaring, as early as the start of business, the cost will be less. But is this really the case? Its small series for your analysis.

"P & G" to work as to the north to school — experience is also a kind of resource media have commented that, in addition to GE, Procter & Gamble is another foster CEO and occupation managers of schools. In the past ten years, generations of outstanding university graduates of Procter & Gamble in droves. Every year, China and Procter & Gamble are recruiting college students about 150 people, and every year from the P & G Empire out of the people are about 50 people.

to first-class enterprise, not only to first-class salary, but also to.

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