After 80 guy shop selling buns opened more than and 20 points a year

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can also build up the family fortunes selling steamed buns? Believe this topic, many people can not believe, let us share the following, how he did it. After a 80 guy, why should give up 200 thousand annual salary to sell steamed buns, but also how to open a store in the next year to join the more than and 20? The story of Lu Qihui is actually very simple.

In 2000 he was admitted to the University of South China at


snacks from the hard work he entered the restaurant industry, is actively involved in cleaning, kitchen and other work. In addition, Lu Qihui has not forgotten his spare time to recharge themselves, actively participate in the McDonald’s restaurant management courses, visited Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and other studies, and can obtain excellent graduation awards in each evaluation. One year, the company performance is good, year-end bonus made a lot of money saved, he added, had a total of less than 200 thousand is sent to the home, the parents are scared thought he did what bad thing.

ten years, by virtue of his excellent work ability, from a small trainee manager was promoted to deputy manager, the manager, and then to the McDonald’s southern headquarters operations manager, management of the store has also expanded to more than a dozen.

but, at the beginning of last year, was about to usher in the outbreak period when his career, Lu Qihui has made a surprising move to give up 200 thousand annual salary position, decided to return home business selling buns.

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