Construction of a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

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Tianjin Binhai New Area has been constantly improving business environment, and strive to build a full range of business ecosystem, for entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial companies to bring more resources, improve people’s quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment, to promote better development of the economy in Tianjin city.


matchmaking, from universities, enterprises more innovative projects fall flowering". At present, the new business environment is becoming increasingly perfect, R & D institutions gathered for the efficient conversion of scientific research has laid the foundation, but also for the construction of a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to build a platform carrier.

and another project field camera is light field imaging technology based on 3D intelligent imaging system, has very good performance in the expansion of imaging depth, depth imaging, 3D imaging performance. It can be used in the field of 3D imaging, robot navigation, 3D medical imaging, 3D industrial machine vision and so on.

"at present, the scientific and technological achievements into the docking will hold every two months in the new period, enterprises, universities and research institutes to build a bridge of communication between, to build cooperation platform." Innovation and entrepreneurship base, Nankai University, Teng Jian told reporters that the matchmaking will be visited by the teacher one by one, to understand the details of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improve the success rate of project docking. And to cut the scientific and technological achievements of Nankai University, joint Tianjin universities and research institutes to increase the number and quality of the project.

in addition to scientific and technological achievements matchmaking help enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship, the reporter was informed that the day before, Tianjin Binhai New Area and the bank, business incubator jointly launched the "recommended

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