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      1 before the auction must to group BBS (http://s.bbs.admin5.com/viewthread.php? Tid=66018) post registration, not in the BBS registration auction premise to the auctioneer, the registration must be the domain name (including Chinese domestic domain name, domain name, domain name).

      2 for sequentially after the auction, not recklessly in others when the auction information, or your own domain name auction, m main can explain the relevant information on the auction of his domain name.

      3 application must specify the domain name information: name of the domain name simplified or traditional registration method of trading each time the lowest increase (if not specified, as per time at least 1 yuan)

      4 auction will be at p.m., -4, the number of registered by the domain name who, to the time after the extension of the next auction, the Senate is not the owner of the meter, the first to fill the back.

      5 after the auction, the auction by the group management, group administrator supervision, the main pat can repeat the auction. In the price of three sold, at an interval of at least 2 minutes.

      6 groups of communication more lively, set the auctioneer five, every time a master shot, voluntary rotation, as long as there is an online, we like to take pictures, you can start. The auctioneer group: high pure / Desert ULV Laxmi

      7 after the auction, found that the following situations will be announced within the group, and kicked out group:

      auction other domain name

      the final winner does not buy the domain name

      interference auction up to three times (the definition of interference behavior see eighth)

      8 interference behavior:

      in other people’s auction, the sale of the domain name comments attack

      in other people’s auction, to promote their own domain name or information

      others in the auction, bid illegal or malicious bidding

      the auction shall not be published with the auction domain name information.

      send big picture

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