Sony Ericsson DY handmade chocolate join conditions

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project management form catering catering industry diversity, self help, DIY and so on, today Xiaobian to all this tasses to join the project of a DIY restaurant brands — Sony Ericsson DIY handmade chocolate. So what is the brand of Sony Ericsson DIY handmade chocolate? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

Sony Ericsson

operation management (Beijing) headquarters under the Senna left international restaurant management group, Silicon Valley group is located in the Chinese strongchina technology building with Microsoft, Sina, Baidu, patriot and other well-known corporate headquarters adjacent to par, which owns Senna Costa on the left bank of coffee, steak, baked Sony Ericsson Belgian chocolate & three international brands. To " dissemination of Western food culture, to build China’s food and beverage brand chain carrier " for the development goals.

2012 at the end of the year, the group of three big brands to open outlets, the total has more than 500 stores in mainland Chinese, widely win market acceptance, stage victory; 2013, open group will enter the capital market, a comprehensive start listing plan.

Sony Ericsson DIY handmade chocolate join conditions:

1. passion for the cause of chocolate, willing to actively invest in the cause of SOOI.

2. SOOI identity management idea, obey the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the operation of the market, law-abiding, standardized operation.

3. must have more than 50 thousand yuan project fund (depending on the shop type).

4. franchisee to junior high school culture, age 18 – 50 years old, healthy, good conduct.

5. positive, honest, self-motivated, dedication, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Sony Ericsson group is willing to work with every active investors share the victory in the future, to further promote the prosperity of the domestic market, to assist each have a dream to succeed

investors will dream into reality!

if you want to join the Sony Ericsson DIY handmade chocolate, and meet the above conditions, please leave a message below our website. See the message we will contact you at the first time.

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