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now the most attention to the number of dry cleaning industry, although the rise of the industry soon, but the profit is still considerable, many investors began to investigate the project. Dry cleaners which brand to join? Do you have such a question? Today Xiaobian recommend a very good dry cleaners to join the brand.

1. listen to the market reputation: the brand can be called a brand, is that it has a high market visibility and influence. In the dry cleaning industry, only some like laundry, dry cleaning Funi Eastman Hua old enterprise that can be called brand, and some of the newly established enterprises to join, simply can not be called to join the brand. Investors want to know how a brand reputation, the most direct way is to go around the investigation of the brand stores, listen to the brand store customers how to say. In China we Funi washing franchisees, a lot of people are from the consumer to the franchisee.

2. consulting franchisees: Hefei which brand good? If you think a brand stores consumers too much, is not hard to win the trust of Tastes differ all tastes. your words, you can also consult brand franchisee, look at what they say. A dry cleaning franchise brand is good, the most direct experience is the franchisee, they can best appreciate the details to join the brand, including investment money, headquarters service is thoughtful and timely follow-up support and so on, the franchisee is the brand headquarters of the tree branches, most believe they have right to speak the.

3. went to visit the headquarters: of course, there are many investors that is seeing is believing, so you may wish to personally go to visit the headquarters of the brand, a truly high-quality brand is to withstand any test. In the process of brand headquarters, investors to examine the contents include: whether the enterprise has the right of chain operation, enterprises have equipment production capacity, enterprise independent join training center is perfect and so on, comprehensively treat a brand. As China Funi laundry headquarters is located in the urban industrial park of Wuhan District of Huangpi City Jia Hai, welcome to visit the investors, and investors free accommodation and transport.


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