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with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of life has become increasingly high requirements, therefore, the wedding market is also gradually expanding, opened a new chapter! Personalized wedding candy how to get rich? May wish to preview together!

, often in a friend’s wedding, she will be remembered in Qingdao see personalized. Around in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have seen the Xitang friends also expressed their love, but I do not know where to buy. At that time, Xu Yan had the idea of personalized business.

2007, Xu Yan decided to open a personalized business company. The idea was immediately answered by two students. After everything is ready, a few people put all sorts of things together twenty thousand yuan set up xiaoxifu Home Furnishing Living Museum of art. The so-called personalized mainly refers to the packaging, a plain package price from 0.8 yuan to several yuan, candy inside customers are free to choose the brand and quantity, the price is so different.

in order to attract more customers, Xu Yan decided to also sell the packaging. In this way, more than a month later, not even a consulting phone, let alone orders. "We often run a whole day also can’t pull a customer, at that time, the feeling is very complex, for such a good thing not recognized is not understand, especially sad."

Development: customer recognized

from the strange

2007 at the end of the year, married a classmate, Xu Yan will be more than and 600 boxes of candy as a wedding gift for students personality. "At that time, I would like to start from the people around the impact, did not expect to cause no small stir." The entire wedding, everyone of these wedding emcee and some special loud shouts of applause, and left Xu Yan on the phone. All this gave Xu Yan great confidence. 2008 Valentine’s day, they recommend coffee shop to buy personalized candy as a gift to diners. The price is very low, and the candy is very popular.

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