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Internet era, entrepreneurship easier than ever, but there are also many problems, in the existing system, the Internet business is not easy, always thorns. The Internet business is a process of trial and error, the relevant departments in Colleges and universities for: let more active innovation, social force field. The huge campus, and who own interests? Similar magic skills such as buddies will buy it?…… In the ivory tower now, "90" students tend to express themselves, to gain recognition, find companions. This looks very easy process has been the entrepreneurial team moved to the mobile phone screen, let the students can borrow the social software APP youth find the core of mutual appreciation and encouragement of friends circle.

System Business Review

"90 portrait characteristics" and "product team to plan this week"…… A variety of colors of the small piece of paper covered with three walls, and even windows still had several green notes. In general the "base" youth laboratory, founder He Lei was sitting in the living room wall nearest the door chair, "this is my position," he stood up and smiled and said, "every time someone send express, I will act as a doorman role."

"better service for college students is a" little dream of me "." Drink a cup of tea, He Lei explain the own "". 2008 transferred to the newspaper the new media center, an important group of young generation university departments focus. At that time was still quite well known China University Media Union, later became the new agency system of He Lei entrepreneurship "debut". College students need to show themselves, need to have a platform to show their ability." He Lei said that a summer, he took the 10 universities in Beijing are not familiar with each of the children of the more than and 200, interviewed and signed around the school’s more than 2 thousand small businesses. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of college students has impressed him so far.

was in the mobile Internet has not emerged when the team must use "stupid" to measure the position of handheld GPS from businesses, marked on the map, so that students can see the shop discount information in PC. To create a collection of media resources in more than and 150 universities of plum APP, know at least 100 year college students…… All the work done by the new media center to college students, but also quietly in his heart sowed the seeds of entrepreneurship.

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