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How do

advent goods? Many shopkeepers will be the main object of the sale of these goods, although overdue can also be exchanged, but it will cause losses. However, for a normal operation of the store, but the goods of Advent is inevitable, which makes a lot of the trouble. The supermarket counters, the establishment of "advent goods" will undoubtedly cause retailers of thinking.

in the city, a large supermarket, is eye-catching "near the shelf life of goods counters attracted, approached carefully, on the shelves of varieties are expiring goods, from two months packaging marked a long shelf life, short of only ten days, the price is lower than the normal goods 40 percent off, many customers in the purchase. According to the staff, the goods placed here, close to the shelf life of two months in general, different from promotional merchandise, a large discount, in order to reduce costs, reduce waste.

supermarket "near the shelf life of goods counters, create new styles really admirable. Have a shelf life of goods are waste or waste, destroyed by fire or for other uses, a product from the factory to enter the supermarket, a series of links through inspection, storage, handling, transportation, the cost of the goods will be long, when the goods have a shelf life of the shelf when the same again, storage, handling, transportation, is different, the process of zero growth and negative benefits for the producers is loss, is a waste, is consumed.

for approaching the shelf life of the product, no harm to human body, most of the time, when people buy goods, not to hoard, but to meet the daily use, bought instant edible and used to live at home, very careful in reckoning near the shelf life of goods, more popular.

is now a lot of shops have this advent goods, but because there is no a special sale of the shelf, to timely sell. The supermarket is approaching the shelf life of goods set up counters low discount, so that consumers at a glance, too, both for the party and no harm is Wanli, consumers are affordable, goods businesses get disposal, reduce the backlog, avoid the waste of resources, benefits the country is a good thing, worthy of promotion reference and follow.

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