Shenyang industrial robot industry ranks first in the country

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With the rapid development of

technology, a series of changes have taken place in our life. In the current living environment, intelligent devices have come into being! From January to October this year, the Shenyang robot industry revenue 5 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 10%; industrial robot industry ranks first in the country. Leading enterprises in Shenyang SIASUN robot automation Limited by Share Ltd was selected 2016 of the world’s most influential robotic company 50.

Shenyang to the robot and intelligent equipment industry as a leading industry, pillar industries and important growth pole in the future to actively promote and give priority to the development of. The current has been formed to Hunnan Industrial Pattern of Tiexi district and Shenbei New Area District, the development of the core application demonstration area, with SIASUN, GM, Dazu, dimension, top cup InterVideo unitools robot and a number of enterprises, equipment, products of the domestic top level robot.

this year, Shenyang robot service platform and key projects to promote the construction of synchronization. Has promoted the national robot inspection and testing center, Shenyang robotics Collaborative Innovation Center, Shenyang robotics industry development alliance, robotics and Engineering Institute and a number of industrial service platform construction.


wisdom Industrial Park, development center, clean equipment manufacturing center, digital equipment manufacturing center, complete sets of equipment manufacturing center, large equipment manufacturing center of civil engineering 5 buildings and the R & D and production infrastructure work has been completed; preliminary design of a park overall planning and construction completed CAS Shenyang Institute of automation machine and Research Institute of intelligent manufacturing innovation project, part of the building has started construction.

at present, some enterprises in Shenyang science and technology innovation has been applied. Shenyang Institute of automation of independent research and development of "sea Doo", full of deep sea autonomous remote underwater robots and "Sea Wing", 7000 meters underwater glider and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Institute of automation involved in the development of the "end of the world" and "the Cape" abyss lander, successfully applied in China’s first comprehensive million m deep in the expedition.

through the article above we can see that in this era of technological innovation, companies want to get better development, we must adapt to the trend of the market. Shenyang SIASUN launched a campaign to break the foreign monopoly, high precision, wide range, the bearing ability of the six axis parallel robot; Shenyang Yuanda intelligent tech launched with independent intellectual property rights of the industrial robot intelligence products, to fill a number of gaps, is very worthy of recognition for their technology!

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