The way to start a coffee shop

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coffee as a beverage, very popular with some modern young people and white-collar workers welcome, also can see some unique cafes in many office area and corner, now venture cafe has become a choice for many people.

A, should be stable, not the loss: mainly refers to the old customer and the clerk, as a franchisee, in dealing with the old customers above must be true. With the feeling of a friend to serve, the holidays can send a small gift, as far as possible with the old customers to ensure contact.

two, the value of war to fight, do not hit the price war: franchisee operating in the coffee shop, do not fall into the price of misunderstanding, when necessary can be considered a total prize and gifts and other forms of disguised promotion.

three, to create a brand, not self destruct reputation: commitment to customers, or at a discount to it, the franchisee to shop from the long-term development to consider, not only the immediate interests.

four, to be famous, not inferior: to find a good coffee brand, have to ensure the quality, price and service, product promotion with the goods, but also enrich.

five, monopoly, don’t sell because the monopoly can form directional consumption habits and fixed customer base, service assurance, can also be guaranteed profits, if sold, such as selling popsicles soda, coffee beans in the store clothes and shoes, apparently out of, in the course of time will lead to loss of customers.

now shop to run a coffee shop has become a very good choice of business, at the same time open cafe is a very profitable industry, but


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