The tragic moment the world cup

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how many times, a familiar figure into the holy world cup stage. How many times have we prayed with them to pray for the glory of victory on their flags, and to look forward to the moment that belongs to us.

heroes here chanting, thanks to the gods for blessing, there are countless heroes in the curtain call you my tears. A figure in the melt away from the heart and at the same time the dream on the stage, there is no trace of.

the blond, a baby face, you are the collocation is a brave heart. Like his favorite movie, "the brave heart," William Wallace, Czech midfielder Nedved told the world with the same iron and steel will be what is on the football field.

2006, Germany, 1996 Czech golden generation ushered in the final curtain. But Nedved knelt down on his knees and prayed to heaven, finishing his last stop in the world cup.

he left lens is to do all kinds of bad, many fans left the talent show, we do not want to call him a bad child, we would rather he is always a naughty little girl.

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