Catering business and in setting the equally important

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many people choose to start their own career path from the catering sector, may initially because of lack of funds, lack of experience, but not to get rich road, some entered the business door, but because of improper management strategy, did not go to the end.

A: the biggest difference between the two is not the same responsibility. As the occupation managers although also shoulder the responsibility to meet customer needs, improve business performance, but the base is responsible to the shareholders’ boss; the problem can not be treated, the final processing and shareholders boss; and as the catering industry entrepreneurs in addition to their own responsibility, but also responsible for all employees and the society, and had no way to escape.

A: first, rely on the strong system is not move; secondly, the biggest difficulty is the implementation of reward. Reward the successful implementation of the system to support tough. As the social catering industry is not standardized, it is difficult to do a real fair. Most of the time is the rule of law, the rule of parallel auxiliary strategy.

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