n order to encourage women entrepreneurs in Beijing City the new tactics

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women because of their own characteristics, there is no male advantage in entrepreneurship, so more and more attention and protection, more and more attention. Take a look at the city of Beijing in order to encourage women to venture, which have introduced new regulations, new recommendations!

discount policy is divided into two types according to the self-employed and small business partnership founded. The self-employed individual business license business scope if it is "low profit projects", third people without commitment to its security. Eligible women can submit a written application to the Insurance Bureau registration area county women’s Federation or people.

preferential object: household registration in the city and in Beijing should be within the working age, including rural women, holding "employment card" the transfer of rural labor transfer of rural women labor force, the registered urban unemployed women, but has not yet graduated employment of female college students, employment of female demobilized soldiers.

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