How big is the online education market

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education industry, has always been a wealth of treasure, is everyone in the scramble for gold. Data show that in 2004 the domestic online education market size of about 14 billion 300 million yuan, in 2012 has reached $72 billion 300 million, is expected to   online education market size is expected to reach $174 billion 500 million in 2015.

DoNews  CEO  Wang Le believes that technology, platforms, resources are not a problem, although very difficult but can be overcome. The key question is to recognize the nature of online education or to do a good job of education, but also to provide quality online education services. Be sure to do the vertical, fine, provide the user value can not be replaced, so that users can not do without.

this is that under the line to move to online teaching is not a simple video player to sell video, how to form.

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