Big woman and big shoes business stories

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women in life love shopping, but now there are a lot of opportunities are actually driven up some women, at the same time, a group of women is thought more delicate in entrepreneurship, more easy to find business opportunities.

2007 in October, Tang Qi accidentally in Hankou Zhongshan avenue to find a foreign trade size not only shoe store, with her foot type big shoes, and the style is also very beautiful.


but want to shop, no space, no money, she loves the Internet easier said than done?, Baidu suddenly saw a piece of news on the Internet, open shop, store and not subject to funding problems.

have cheaper purchase channels, Tang Qi immediately in registered your shop.

"open shop, the picture is the most important to be beautiful." Tang Qi said, because the online customers can not see the kind, and can not try, they choose the only visual impression of the store is a store. Fortunately, Tang Qi self advertising design, photography, image processing for her, it is not difficult to shoot the left and right, to take the shot, shot, multi angle goods, is to let customers can see the commodity multi angle.

Not many

"may in the online shop in 2007 when the people, also do good business." Tang Qi said her shop opened less than a month, some customers have completely ignored the risks, direct mail remittance list, directly named to buy shoes, "I still recommend

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