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in the past people’s ideas, entrepreneurship is just a man thing. However, in the new era, women also propped up half of the entrepreneurial market days, more and more women are also embarked on the road to success. In order to encourage women to entrepreneurship, there are more and more favorable policies throughout the country. Among them, the Hainan provincial women’s Federation held rural women small loans financial discount policy interpretation training, so as to support women entrepreneurs from the above loans.

for the further promotion of women small loans policy, promote the rural women small loans financial discount, help the entrepreneurial intention of rural women’s entrepreneurship, June 11th, the provincial women’s Federation of rural women small loans financial discount policy interpretation training classes in Sanya, the provincial women’s Federation vice chairman Fu attended Caixiang training opening ceremony.

rural women small loans financial discount policy, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and provincial government to solve the bottleneck problem of capital production and the development of women’s development of inclusive policy. Hainan rural women at the age of 18-55, and the entrepreneurial intention credit and low profit items can participate in rural women’s employment and entrepreneurship small loans to women, repay the loan principal and interest, can get discount in loans repaid after the discount, the highest proportion of the benchmark interest rate by 3 percentage points.

day, Fu pointed out at the opening ceremony speech Caixiang, rural microfinance financial discount policy is the provincial women’s Federation in close contact with the masses, as one of the tangible things, training of farmers in Hainan province to implement the small loans financial discount policy, to further promote the rural women’s employment in our province. She asked the province’s women’s federations at all levels must do propaganda in place, let more rural women understand the policy, and use the policy to develop production and achieve prosperity.

training class, Chinese Postal Savings Bank branch in Sanya City, the staff of rural women small loans financial discount policy to explain. In addition, the women’s Federation also invited Chinese medicine will be a member of the Standing Committee of Asia health branch Shi Wenling carried out the women two cancer prevention lectures.

to participate in the training of the Sanya City, Qionghai City, Wanning City, Five Fingers Group City, Tunchang County, Baoting County, Lingshui county 7 counties or the president of the women’s Federation vice president in charge of microfinance work, microfinance project responsible person, and chairman, District Women’s Federation of Sanya City Village Commission Director of a total of 50 people.

more rural women in the understanding of such a policy, for their career development will undoubtedly have a greater help. Therefore, with the development of such a training course in Hainan Province, it will help more rural women to take the road to success.

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